How to transform your intranet into an exciting, useful and popular collaboration tool

How to transform your intranet into an exciting, useful and popular collaboration tool

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With Andrew Hokenson, Becky Graebe, Karen Trewin, and Hoyt Finnamore

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  • Speakers:
    Andrew Hokenson Best Buy Co.
    Andrew Hokenson
    Senior Specialist—Employee Communications
    Becky Graebe SAS
    Becky Graebe
    Internal Communications Manager
    Karen Trewin Mayo Clinic
    Karen Trewin
    Manager for Institutional Communications
    Hoyt Finnamore Mayo Clinic
    Hoyt Finnamore
    Senior Communications Consultant

We've chosen the highest-rated sessions from our sold out Intranet Summit for this three-and-a-half hour webcast.

You'll learn how to:

  • Create content that ignites conversation
  • Introduce social media tools that the C-suite will love (and use!)
  • Develop social media policies that ensure a safe online community
  • Increase participation through news bulletins, interactive polls, photo contests and more
  • Develop a 'newsroom' approach that allows nothing to slip through the cracks

Four intranet managers show you how their intranets connect employees and customers across the globe:

  • Andy Hokenson describes how important "walking into the mess" of social media is
  • Becky Graebe fills you in on how SAS lets workers build SAS’s online community naturally, their way
  • Karen Trewin and Hoyt Finnamore tell you how to "purge the corporate stuff" from publications and videos—and how it leads to a happy organization

Would you like to:

  • Re-think how to empower your employees?
  • Know why "getting engaged to your employees" matters?
  • Spark global employee interaction in easy, effective ways?
  • Use company videos to bring your content to life?

Then you CAN'T miss this intranet webcast featuring four intranet & communications superstars! This webcast is chock full of helpful screen shots, videos, case studies, tips and statistics on getting started, growing your intranet and making it the go-to resource.

Need proof?

  • 93% of employees "strongly agree" that they are informed about SAS from internal sources
  • SAS connected over 12,000 global employees to 750 groups on their intranet
  • In a month, 1000-plus workers subscribed to Mayo Clinic's email blog
  • Best Buy's CEO, Brian Dunn, won Executive Communicator of the Year

In the next few years, social media networks will integrate company and industry news-gathering with every employee's work more powerfully than ever before. Intranets will dominate employee communications, and social media networks will make intranets critical to your organization's success.

Learn from three superb sessions from our 2011 "Intranet Summit" in Chicago, IL.