Speechwriting & Executive Communications Boot Camp

Speechwriting & Executive Communications Boot Camp

December 12 - Aurora, CO
Price: $795
Member Price: $645
  • How to write awesome openings—and killer closings
  • Use tweets, blogs, podcasts and video scripts to become a better writer
  • Make statistics memorable tools of persuasion
  • Learn the "dirty secret" of writing preparation

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  • What past attendees are saying:
    "Thoroughly enjoyed the workshop. Well-paced and informative. Mike allowed us to go deep on certain topics that were of particular interest, while staying on point w/the full day's agenda."
    "Mike is the most engaging presenter that I've met in a very long time. He speaks clearly, in relevant, usable terms and gave me tips and knowledge I could use today when I return to the office."
    "This workshop was content rich and provided me with actionable material that I can employ immediately. It was a good investment for my organization and a good use of my time."
    "Mike Long is extremely knowledgeable and shares his experience in a lively, thorough and engaging manner. Would highly recommend the workshop to others."
    "Thorough, thoughtful, inspiring. Varied, interesting examples. Valuable information that I can use immediately. I was engaged and captivated the whole time."
    "Mike is an excellent presenter. He is engaging and enthusiastic. His style made the day absolutely fly by."
    "This is by far one of the best workshops I've ever attended."

In this day-long, fast-paced, very participatory session, writer and Georgetown University professor Mike Long works directly with you using lectures, discussions and exercises to help you be a more insightful speechwriter and a more effective user of social media and the Internet for executive communication.

With a day full of talking, listening, writing and editing, you will participate in lively discussions with engaged communications professionals under the guidance of one of the nation's most effective and most candid executive speechwriters. From keynote addresses and after-dinner remarks to Facebook posts, Twitter "tweets," blogs and even video scripts and podcasts, Mike Long will equip you with new ideas and proven techniques to raise your skills, enhance your power of communication, and even increase the volume of what you can write in a day.

You will learn:

  • How to write a big speech in a little time—even if you have only a few hours or a few minutes!
  • The proven—and simple—way to send your audience home with your message on their minds
  • What do the summer movie season and long car rides have in common? They explain how to keep the attention of an audience
  • How to use social media to make you a better speechwriter
  • How writing like a sixth-grader can make you sound like a PhD
  • The key to simplifying and improving every speechwriting assignment
  • How to write awesome openings—and killer closings
  • Statistics are just numbers on a page—here's how to make them into memorable tools of persuasion
  • Humor's hard. Here's how to use it
  • Why work hard on a speech only to see it disappear after the event? Put your hard work to work one more time by using "approved language"
  • The vital lesson that speechwriters must learn... and it's from the movie, "The Music Man"?!
  • The secret to give your principal to improve 100 percent his or her Q&A performance!

Mike's approach demonstrates techniques, then gives you a chance to discuss them, ask questions and try out what you've learned. His session will address topics including:

  • Literary Devices
  • Structure
  • The Power of Social Media:  Community
  • Lessons from Hollywood Movies and Songwriting
  • Using Language that People Understand
  • Persuasive Techniques
  • The Motivated Sequence

Because Mike emphasizes one-on-one interaction and the personalized approach in this session, enrollment is severely limited.

  • Each topic begins with a lecture and discussion, with Q&A encouraged throughout. Some topics are followed by writing and editing exercises.
  • If discussion and interest in any topic or interactive exercise runs longer than the time planned for it, we will allot more time for that topic. The sessions will always be tailored to the needs and interests of the group.