Content Marketing Boot Camp with Mark Ragan

Content Marketing Boot Camp with Mark Ragan

November 22 in Toronto, ON
Price: $745
Member Price: $595

Presented by Ragan Communications: An event hosted by Ontario Municipal Leadership Institute.

A one-day total immersion workshop for Public Relations, Marketing and Corporate Communications

  • Create useful and compelling content that your audience will share—over and over again
  • Sell your content strategy to the C-Suite by demonstrating its ROI
  • Become the #1 destination for customers and potential customers—and do this on a shoestring budget
  • Generate leads for your sales force by producing must-read white papers for your customers

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    Mark Ragan Ragan Communications 
    Mark Ragan

You've heard it before:

Content is The NEW Marketing...

The NEW Public Relations...

And the NEW way to create impassioned fans for your brand.

In this one-day workshop, PR Daily and publisher and CEO Mark Ragan will show you how to develop a content strategy that turns prospects into buyers and converts readers into brand evangelists for your company.

Learn how to:

  • Create content that is so useful that people will be compelled to share it — over and over again
  • Become the #1 destination for customers and potential customers—and get this done on a tiny budget
  • Integrate social media and content to boost your website traffic
  • Generate leads for your sales force by writing must-read white papers for your customers
  • Build a subscription list of customers, the media and key influencers and keep them coming back for more
  • Build a rich editorial strategy without busting your budget with content curation
  • Measure the success of your content strategy

Ragan is the publisher of the two most successful content sites in corporate communications: PR and

In this practical, real-world workshop, he will share the content strategy that resulted in a 20-fold increase in traffic for the two Ragan sites, from 40,000 visitors in North America to 800,000 worldwide.

He will also demonstrate, step-by-step, how that content strategy led to increased sales around the world. Finally, Ragan will share his model for measuring and proving the ROI of content creation and management.

Mark will dispel these myths:

  • That you need a huge budget to launch a successful content strategy
  • That B2B companies don't have the 'sex appeal' to create loyal followings
  • That you can't prove the ROI of content marketing strategies
You'll leave this workshop knowing how to:
checkmark Write and manage content that appeals to today's hectic reader
checkmark Leverage infographics and SlideShare to generate leads
checkmark Use original and curated content to be the leading publisher in your niche
checkmark Organize your communication strategy around a standard newsroom
checkmark Sell your content strategy to the C-suite
checkmark Master the 10 email techniques that increase readership and brand loyalty
checkmark Think like a publisher
checkmark Draft a mobile strategy that works

Companies are quickly becoming their own media outlets. Gone are the days when brands depended on traditional media and advertising channels to win new customers, build buzz and visibility and engage powerful decision-makers. Today, smart companies overhaul their websites and social media channels to take messages directly to customers, the traditional media and new influencers. On the lips of every marketer is the mantra, 'content is the new marketing.'

During this total immersion workshop, you will learn all the latest tools and tactics to create compelling content to promote your company and boost your brand visibility with white papers, customer stories, how-to stories and user-generated information. You will hear real world examples from big brands like The Coca-Cola Company and also hear how smaller organizations on a limited budget can seize on content marketing to accomplish their communications goals.

Other takeaways from Mark's new Content Marketing Boot Camp. You'll learn how:

  • Smart companies like The Coca-Cola Company are organizing their PR departments into newsrooms
  • To apply the 3 principles of 'brand journalism' to gain the trust of readers
  • You can persuade senior VPs, the CMO and CEO that NOW is the time to act
  • The role of authentic, low-cost video in your content master plan
  • How to integrate Twitter, Facebook, Linked In and Pinterest into your content strategy
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