The Visual Communications and Infographics Summit

The Visual Communications and Infographics Summit

March 2-3, 2015
Chicago, IL
Price: $1195
Member Price: $945

Pre-Conference Workshops: March 2
Conference: March 3

  • Create infographics to organize complex data into compelling narratives
  • Make images a vital part of your content marketing and communications
  • Engage your audience with visual storytelling
  • Digital-signage best practices for internal and external communications
Presented by Ragan Communications and Public Relations Society of America

Twitter hashtag: #raganvisual
PRSA: Public Relations Society of America

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  • Sessions with:
    Julie Roehm SAP
    Julie Roehm
    Krisleigh Hoermann
    Tyler Litchenberger McDONALD'S USA
    Tyler Litchenberger

    How to go from speaking at customers to engagement and conversation
    Amanda TodorovichCleveland Clinic 
    Amanda Todorovich

    How to develop an infographics strategy: Key lessons from Cleveland Clinic
    Kevin DandoPBS 
    Kevin Dando

    Top resources for visual storytelling: What they do, how to manage them and what they cost
    Jess HaneburyTHREADLESS 
    Jess Hanebury

    Pin it to win it: How to tell your brand story on Pinterest
    Graham RobertsThe New York Times 
    Graham Roberts

    What corporate communicators must know about graphic design
    Kim DwyerNationwide Children's 
    Kim Dwyer

    Digital signage strategies for corporate message building
  • Keynotes with:
    Jay MoyeCoca-Cola Company 
    Jay Moye
    Karl GudeMichigan State University 
    Karl Gude
    Breakout sessions with:
    David Murray
    Laura Nathan-Garner
    Amanda Todorovich CLEVELAND CLINIC
    Amanda Todorovich
    Bernhard Mors MASTERCARD
    Bernhard Mors
    Brian Wallace NowSourcing
    Brian Wallace
    Tyler LitchenbergerMcDONALD'S USA
    Tyler Litchenberger
    Shel Holtz
    Megan Berry
    Drew KellerSTORYGUIDE
    Drew Keller
    Brian CamenGOLIN
    Brian Camen

Don't miss out! Attend these in-depth workshops before the main conference. (Extra fee to attend.)

Monday, March 2

Pre-conference workshops:

8 a.m.-10 a.m.
Social visual communication is your future as a corporate communicator
Shel HoltzCommunication transformation happens before our very eyes: Consider the rise of images as a primary, powerful communication form. Not only do people consume online images more than online text (Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, Tumblr and others), they engage more with images than they do with text. Fueled by the mobile web's integration into everyday life, image communication has become an important part of the mix for most of Interbrand's top 100 global brands. Communicators must know how to craft images that tell stories for audiences immersed in visual channels.

In this workshop, communications leader Shel Holtz will prepare you to:

  • Make images a vital part of your content marketing
  • Make image selection easier and faster by using six image types
  • Make sure each image serves at least one key purpose
  • Tell your story in a compelling infographic or infoposter
  • Reach millions who can't get enough Vine and Instagram videos
Shel Holtz is Principal of Holtz Communication + Technology.

10:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m.
Infographics boot camp for PR and corporate communicators
Clint SchaffInfographics are unmatched in their ability to tell a complex story quickly. They combine images and text that tell a story in a memorable, attractive way. And they increase web traffic and cut through online clutter. It's obvious why infographics should be a dominant force in your communications strategy. In this session, you'll learn how to create infographics that develop a compelling narrative quickly, win viewers over with attractive design, and present information in crystal-clear ways.

You'll leave this workshop knowing how to:

  • Choose the design that suits your strategic needs
  • Combine great design with meaningful text and data
  • Organize information into an easily understood narrative
  • Create infographics that display your expertise and knowledge of a subject
  • Decide when to create infographics in-house and when to hire a designer
  • Use free and low-cost tools to create infographics
  • Write captions and headlines that complement your design
Clint Schaff is currently Head of US operations (LA & NYC) for Dare.

2 p.m.-4 p.m.
Create powerful videos without a big team or budget
Drew KellerYou've probably discovered that video production is not easy. Not everything you create works. Predicting what will engage and get seen sometimes feels more like tipping a Magic 8 Ball than using cause and effect. Are there any solutions?

In this two-hour session, we will explore some of the most effective types of video. From 6-second Vine videos to in-depth blogs and YouTube videos, learn how to create videos that enlighten, engage, inspire and educate.

Topics covered will include how to:

  • Create and use a production calendar
  • Scale production values with communication goals
  • Understand your intended audiences
  • Subtly and indirectly publicize your brand on all content channels
  • Know when you can shoot on your own and when to get help
  • Make your message hit home: Match content to audience expectation
  • Cast your on-camera talent: It can make or break your message
  • Make your outreach seen and heard by your audience
  • Match your video's tone and method to your audience
  • Write a script: Script basics and when to skip the script
  • Sequence and master ways to avoid the "talking head" video
  • Shoot a good video when you can't use external lighting
  • Make your sound better, even with average equipment (Why sound is so important!)
Drew Keller is an award-winning television producer, editor, web developer and educator.

4:15 p.m.-5:30 p.m.
#nofilter: Master Instagram for PR
Krisleigh HoermannInstagram is a quick, fun way to showcase your brand through a series of pictures and videos. More than 200 million users are on Instagram. That's why smart brands use visual strategies and promotions to tell their story in a unique way. In this workshop you'll learn how to build a following, engage with communities and make Instagram an integral part of your content strategy.

You'll learn:

  • How to optimize your Instagram profile
  • Which filters will boost engagement, likes and views
  • How to use hashtags to attract followers
  • Best practices for creating photos that are sharable
  • How to use Instagram Direct for PR purposes
Krisleigh Hoermann is a Social Media Strategist at the American Heart Association.