2nd Annual Social Media for PR and Corporate Communications Conference at Disney World

2nd Annual Social Media for PR and Corporate Communications Conference at Disney World

April 2-4, 2014
The Yacht Club (Disney World)
Lake Buena Vista, FL
Standard Price: $1295
Price: $1045
  • Work with IT to green-light your enterprise social network
  • Tie a social strategy to your communications plan and business goals
  • Get the most bang for your multimedia buck with video and audio
  • Avoid copyright infringement claims on social media

Featuring a networking cocktail party sponsored by Disney Parks

Presented by Ragan Communications and Public Relations Society of America

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  • Speakers include:
    Adam SingerGOOGLE 
    Adam Singer
    Social that adds up: Performance and measurement
    Justin Fong
    Create an enterprise social network: How to make the impossible possible
    Lisa ArneySAS
    Lisa Arney
    The super water cooler: Create an intranet that spans the globe, connects staff and breeds innovation
    Carolyn Shelby
    SEO: A guide to crafting content that people can't help but promote
    Victor Reiss FEDEX
    Victor Reiss
    The corporate symphony: Taking center stage
    Michael Schmidt Arnold Palmer Medical Center
    Michael Schmidt
    Creating powerful marketing videos that share your organization's story
    Natanya Anderson WHOLE FOODS
    Natanya Anderson
    Social media engagement: Tried and true tactics
    Allison Fitzpatrick DAVIS & GILBERT
    Allison Fitzpatrick
    How to manage the legal and PR risks in social media
    Lee Gordon Mercury Marine
    Lee Gordon
    How newsrooms use social media to report and break news—and how that helps you as a PR pro
    Steve Crescenzo
    "Safe" social media: How to put Web 2.0 tools to use in your organization without scaring executives or damaging your brand
    Jon Bird
    Social rebranding: The #newAmerican is arriving
    Peter Balistrieri NORTHWESTERN MUTUAL
    Peter Balistrieri
    Social media for social impact: How to get engagement around a cause
    Rocky Walls 12 Stars Media
    Rocky Walls
    Overcoming the four obstacles to create an effective brand journalism video program
    Robyn Itule Insight Enterprises
    Robyn Itule
    Real-world strategies to work with your legal department—while still allowing social media to thrive at your organization
    Carrie Parker American Express
    Carrie Parker
    Creating shareable content: Lessons from American Express OPEN Forum


Thursday, April 3

9 a.m.-10 a.m.
Opening keynote:
Disney Parks social media content: Creating magical experiences
Thomas SmithSimilar to Walt Disney's original idea for Disneyland, the Disney Parks social media program is driven by the simple notion that making guests happy is a key to success. Since launching the successful Walt Disney World Moms Panel, Disney Parks Blog and other channels, the program's strategy has revolved around listening, building relationships, creating and sharing relevant stories and participating in online conversations. Disney Parks has a series of real-world case studies and examples to share as well as the secret to what keeps the company's most powerful social program moving forward and grabbing attention.

During this keynote presentation, you'll learn:

  • The importance of purposeful storytelling
  • Why Disney Parks social operates like a next-generation newsroom
  • Disney's secret to moving a social program forward
  • Why doing social right demands creativity
  • How to highlight the best of your company in the social space
  • The key to creating experiences worth sharing
  • How to build structure around your content
Thomas Smith (@ThomasSmith) is Social Media Director at Disney Parks.

10:10 a.m.-11 a.m.
SEO: A guide to crafting content that people can't help but promote
Carolyn ShelbyYou've heard the buzzwords: searchable, crawlable, optimized, indexing, keywords, ranking. The list goes on! But what does all of that really mean? SEO brings your readers content so compelling they can't help bookmark it, share it or link to it on their sites. SEO gives your organization reach and publicity without huge ad dollars, dollars that were once absolutely necessary to get good media attention.

In this session, you'll learn how to create content that springs to the top of the search results every time:

  • SEO 101: How it works, what it is and why you should care
  • Craft the perfectly optimized blog post
  • Master the five "musts" of writing for social sites like Facebook and Twitter
  • Create easily searchable content on your YouTube channel
  • Find the best keywords for your industry
  • Write keyword-rich copy without compromising readability
  • How to unearth the keywords your customers search for
Carolyn Shelby is Director of SEO at Chicago Tribune Media Group.

11:10 a.m.-noon
How to manage the legal and PR risks in social media?
Allison FitzpatrickAllison Fitzpatrick will advise marketers on how to minimize legal and PR risks when they promote their products or services on social media. She will also reveal practical tips to keep on the right side of the law when you blog, tweet and post on social media, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.

In this session, you will learn:

  • How to write social media policies to protect your company from liability
  • How to avoid copyright infringement claims on social media
  • What you need to do to comply with the FTC Endorsement Guides
  • How to make proper disclosures in social media
  • How to run a sweepstakes, contest or promotion on social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest
  • The risks of native advertising and fake reviews
Allison Fitzpatrick is a Partner in the Advertising, Marketing & Promotions Practice Group of Davis & Gilbert.

Noon-1:10 p.m.
Networking lunch

1:20 p.m.-2:20 p.m.
Decoding connectivity:
Leading and thriving in an "internet of everything" world

Carlos DominguezCarlos Dominguez is a Senior Vice President at Cisco and a technology evangelist who motivates audiences worldwide through his unique perspective on how technology is changing how we communicate, collaborate, and especially how we work. Carlos gives humorous, highly-animated presentations full of deep insight into how the right technologies and the right culture can create winning organizations. Drawing from more than 20 years at Cisco and a career spent in communications, he reveals how technology is changing the rules of business and explores strategies to avoid getting left behind. Carlos addresses many questions about collaboration including what motivates people to collaborate, how to establish rewards for collaborating, how to find the right experts both inside and outside your company, and how to keep people coming together—online and in person.

Carlos Dominguez from Cisco is a technology evangelist who calls himself a "Tech Nowist"—that is, someone who embraces change, understands what technology is available today, and believes business has barely begun to realize its transformative powers.

2:30 p.m.-3:20 p.m.
Social visual communication
Shel HoltzCommunication transformation is happening before our very eyes: the rise of images as a primary communication form. People not only consume images more than text online (via Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, Tumblr and others), they engage more with images than they do with text. Fueled by the mobile Web's integration into everyday life, image-based communication has become a part of the mix for the majority of Interbrand's top 100 global brands. Communicators must know how to craft images that tell stories for their audiences who are immersed in visual channels.

Communications leader Shel Holtz will prepare you to...

  • Make images a critical part of your content marketing
  • Make image selection easier and faster by following a schema of six basic image types
  • Make sure your images serve at least one key purpose
  • Tell your story in a compelling infographic or infoposter
  • Reach millions of people who can't get enough Vine and Instagram videos
Shel Holtz is Principal of Holtz Communication + Technology.

3:30 p.m.-4:20 p.m.
Social that adds up: Performance and measurement
Adam SingerLearn from Adam Singer, Analytics Advocate at Google and blogger at The Future Buzz, in this session. Adam will show you how to map data from your social media using Google Analytics and social marketing tools to measure performance against your organization's bottom line—and thereby prove the effectiveness of your whole social campaign.?

In this presentation, you'll see:

  • The true impact of social media on your brand's bottom line
  • How to do better marketing using Google Analytics social reports
  • How social media can influence all of your marketing
  • Good vs. bad metrics in social measurement
  • How to create a measurement plan that focuses on what matters
Adam Singer is the Analytics Advocate at Google, a marketing, media and PR industry speaker, startup adviser and blogger.

4:30 p.m.-5:30 p.m.
Special keynote
With Andrew Davis

Inspired PR: How brilliant digital storytellers create a sudden urge to act
Andrew DavisHow do you measure the impact of the placements you land? Page views of the press release? Media reach? What if it doesn't really matter? In the digital world you can tell stories that directly impact sales. (Bet your CFO would love to hear that!) In this keynote address, best-selling author Andrew Davis will show you how consumer brands, non-profits and even B2B companies exploit digital and social media to increase sales through inspired story telling.

There's no one better positioned to improve the bottom line than you and your communications team. Andrew Davis will show you how.

Andrew Davis is a bleeding-edge marketing futurist and author for the publishing, entertainment, and consumer packaged-goods industries.

6:30 p.m.-8 p.m.
Networking cocktail party

Friday, April 4

9 a.m.-9:50 a.m.
Creating shareable content: Lessons from American Express OPEN Forum
Carrie ParkerContent is king, but how do you leverage content in an impactful way that will spark virality and sharing? Carrie Parker, Director of Content and Social for American Express OPEN Forum will walk you through OPEN Forum's approach to content creation and social amplification. She will show you how to share your brand's mission and real world experts to authentically engage users in conversation.

In this session, you will learn how to:

  • Create highly relevant content for social amplification
  • Ensure your brand can strike an authentic note
  • Use your brand's mission to drive engagement
  • Leverage a community of users to generate conversation
  • Generate leads through social channels
Carrie Parker is Director of American Express OPEN Forum, an award-winning website dedicated to powering small business success.

10 a.m.-10:50 a.m.
Crisis management in the age of social media
Sandra FathiWith more than one billion active Facebook users, and an average of more than 400 million tweets sent per day, social media has transformed the ways in which people share and consume information. While social media offers new platforms to disseminate content, build relationships, foster engagement, it also has made companies more susceptible to potentially damaging situations. C-suite leaders need to understand the risks and opportunities associated with social media when it comes to crisis management. Although social media can be an accelerant during a crisis wildfire, it can also be a critical tool in stopping a fire from spreading.

In this session, you will learn:

  • How social media is changing the landscape of crisis communications
  • Steps to map and prepare for a potential crisis
  • The four phases of crisis communications - readiness, response, reassurance and recovery
  • How social media needs to be accounted for and integrated into a crisis plan
Sandra Fathi is President and Founder of Affect.

11 a.m.-noon
Special keynote:
Brand journalism at Coca-Cola: Content and data that cuts through noise?
Jay Moye"Coca-Cola Journey" is the most ambitious brand journalism project ever undertaken by Coke. Jay Moye, Coca-Cola Journey's creator and chief editor, walks you through the art and science of creating compelling brand content. He shows how Coca-Cola uses data to influence editorial and how it re-directs its owned media to break through corporate noise.

In this session, you'll learn:

  • Why investing in real content is the future of PR
  • How content investment fuels rapid social channel growth
  • Why it's important for corp comms to think and act like a newsroom
  • To ask: Is your Big Data a big resource or just a bigger haystack?
As senior writer and editor for Coca-Cola Journey, The Coca-Cola Company's global digital magazine, Jay Moye oversees editorial strategy, content development and creative direction for the award-winning storytelling platform.

12:15-2 p.m.
BONUS Lunch session (provided onsite)—PLEASE REGISTER SEPARATELY*
Learn how businesses are leveraging video across the enterprise
Wrap up the Ragan conference with a BANG! Join Qumu and Ragan for lunch and the chance to network with your peers and learn how to create better customer, employee and partner engagement.

During this bonus session you will:

  • Learn from companies that have made video part of their corporate culture
  • Discover how employees can better collaborate across dispersed teams
  • See how companies that have invested in video value their investment

*Visit the Qumu booth to pre-register for this FREE bonus session immediately following the closing keynote on Friday, April 4.