2nd Annual Social Media for PR and Corporate Communications Conference at Disney World

2nd Annual Social Media for PR and Corporate Communications Conference at Disney World

April 2-4, 2014
The Yacht Club (Disney World)
Lake Buena Vista, FL
Standard Price: $1295
Price: $1045
  • Work with IT to green-light your enterprise social network
  • Tie a social strategy to your communications plan and business goals
  • Get the most bang for your multimedia buck with video and audio
  • Avoid copyright infringement claims on social media

Featuring a networking cocktail party sponsored by Disney Parks

Presented by Ragan Communications and Public Relations Society of America

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PRSA members receive a $250 discount off the regular registration price.

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  • Speakers include:
    Adam SingerGOOGLE 
    Adam Singer
    Social that adds up: Performance and measurement
    Justin Fong
    Create an enterprise social network: How to make the impossible possible
    Lisa ArneySAS
    Lisa Arney
    The super water cooler: Create an intranet that spans the globe, connects staff and breeds innovation
    Carolyn Shelby
    SEO: A guide to crafting content that people can't help but promote
    Victor Reiss FEDEX
    Victor Reiss
    The corporate symphony: Taking center stage
    Michael Schmidt Arnold Palmer Medical Center
    Michael Schmidt
    Creating powerful marketing videos that share your organization's story
    Natanya Anderson WHOLE FOODS
    Natanya Anderson
    Social media engagement: Tried and true tactics
    Allison Fitzpatrick DAVIS & GILBERT
    Allison Fitzpatrick
    How to manage the legal and PR risks in social media
    Lee Gordon Mercury Marine
    Lee Gordon
    How newsrooms use social media to report and break news—and how that helps you as a PR pro
    Steve Crescenzo
    "Safe" social media: How to put Web 2.0 tools to use in your organization without scaring executives or damaging your brand
    Jon Bird
    Social rebranding: The #newAmerican is arriving
    Peter Balistrieri NORTHWESTERN MUTUAL
    Peter Balistrieri
    Social media for social impact: How to get engagement around a cause
    Rocky Walls 12 Stars Media
    Rocky Walls
    Overcoming the four obstacles to create an effective brand journalism video program
    Robyn Itule Insight Enterprises
    Robyn Itule
    Real-world strategies to work with your legal department—while still allowing social media to thrive at your organization
    Carrie Parker American Express
    Carrie Parker
    Creating shareable content: Lessons from American Express OPEN Forum

*Extra fee to attend

Wednesday, April 2

9 a.m.-11 a.m.
Content marketing boot camp
Mark RaganYou've heard it before: Content is The NEW Marketing . . .The NEW Public Relations . . . And the NEW way to create impassioned fans for your brand.

PR Daily and Ragan.com publisher and CEO Mark Ragan will show you how to develop a content strategy that turns prospects into buyers and converts readers into brand evangelists.

Learn how to:

  • Create content so useful that people will share it over and over again
  • Become the #1 destination for customers and potential customers—and do this on a tiny budget
  • Integrate social media and content to boost your website traffic
  • Generate sales leads by writing must-read white papers for customers
  • Build a subscription list of customers, the media and key influencers and keep them coming back
  • Use content curation to build a rich editorial strategy on a small budget
  • Measure the success of your content strategy
Mark Ragan is the CEO of Ragan Communications in Chicago.

12:30 p.m.-2:30 p.m.
How to create internal videos that bring your company messages to life
Lisa ArneyThink it's impossible to use video to make your company as interesting as the latest viral sensation on YouTube? Wrong. By applying fundamentals used by broadcast news, global software company SAS engages its 13,000 employees through video. And with technology readily available to shoot, edit and broadcast videos online, it's a strategy any communications team can steal.

In this session, SAS Internal Communications Video Program Manager Lisa Arney will show you how SAS shoots video that more than just informs workers. SAS videos foster camaraderie, generate excitement and instill pride in the company. You'll see how video can work for your organization as we brainstorm ideas for bringing your message to life through video.

You'll learn how to:

  • Think "off the page" when tackling your communications challenges
  • Get a video program off the ground and get buy-in from senior leaders
  • Make a complicated message simple for your audience
  • Promote videos organically: Get employees involved in shooting them
  • Measure success through more than hit counts
  • Produce high-quality videos with a limited budget
  • Manage video production while getting everything else done
Lisa Arney is SAS' Internal Communications Video Program Manager.

3 p.m.-5 p.m.
How to write consumer-quality content for your organization
Use the same tactics, tricks and practices real-world media use to reach, entertain, engage, inform and motivate your audiences
Steve CrescenzoThere's no reason corporate communication has to be dry, boring, repetitive! Even the dullest corporate topics spring to life if you do what writers and producers in the real world do to attract and retain audiences—and apply those tactics to your own vehicles.

In this fun session, communications expert Steve Crescenzo will use dozens of examples from the real world to show you how to:

  • Create compelling, consumer-quality content for all your vehicles—online, social media, multimedia, and print publications
  • Cut through organizational clutter to ensure your most important messages get to your most important audiences
  • Turn your audiences into powerful ambassadors with creative messages that inspire them to action
  • Steal time-tested tactics from news websites, consumer magazines, entertainment sites and daily newspapers
  • Think like a marketer: Create content you know your audience will pay attention to
  • Get managers and leaders to buy into your new vision of consumer-quality communications
Steve Crescenzo, CEO of Crescenzo Communications, is a leading expert in corporate and employee communication.