How to make big healthcare cost cuts with a corporate wellness program
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How to make big healthcare cost cuts with a corporate wellness program

Tuesday, January 22, 2012
2:00 p.m.-3:30 p.m. Central Time
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A 90-minute webinar feature three experst from Quick and Dirty Tips:
  • Get-Fit Guy, Ben Greenfield
  • House Call Doctor, Sanaz Majd, MD
  • Nutrition Diva, Monica Reinagel 
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Price: $199 Member Price: $159

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Corporate wellness boosts productivity, reduces sick days and saves you big money.

According to Corporate Wellness Magazine, every $1 invested in employee wellness saves companies $3 in healthcare costs.

Are you proud of your wellness program?

Do you need help getting employees on board?

This webinar has the expert tips to create a culture of wellness around three key areas:

  1. Physical Fitness
  2. Illness/Injury Prevention
  3. Nutrition & Motivation

In just 90 minutes, you’ll get tips and ideas to save big from three wellness experts from

  • Get-Fit Guy, Ben Greenfield
  • House Call Doctor, Sanaz Majd, MD
  • Nutrition Diva, Monica Reinagel

In the opening session, Get-Fit Guy will teach you how to fit physical fitness into your workplace wellness culture.

He’ll teach you:

  • How to organize corporate fitness contests
  • Why it’s important to run individual and team challenges
  • How to design a workplace-sponsored fitness event – like corporate softball leagues or an ultimate Frisbee competition
  • How to create—and encourage—a physically active workplace
  • The health and productivity benefits of stretch and activity breaks
  • How to motivate employees to move more
  • Cheap fitness tactics that pay big dividends
  • How to design a company gym or exercise space
  • Easy, quick exercise techniques employees can do on the job

Next, join House Call Doctor for a session packed with tools you can use to create a culture that encourages and reinforces healthy habits at work.

You’ll learn:

  • Tips to teach employees how to stay healthy through cold and flu season—and when they MUST stay home
  • How to prevent common workplace injuries—and why office ergonomics is crucial to employee health
  • How to rally employees to get routine physical exams and tests
  • Why half-day pay for preventive care—for vaccinations, mammograms or colonoscopies—is worth the investment
  • Tips to get less-than-eager employees interested—if not inspired—in routine exams and tests

Finally, join Nutrition Diva for her action-oriented presentation on how to use the power of behavioral economics to create a culture of wellness.

She’ll teach you:

  • Exactly what companies get back when they invest in wellness
  • The importance of matching your environment to your message
  • How to find out just how well your workplace really is
  • Why you MUST remove barriers to wellness, and what it will do for your program
  • How to use behavioral economics make the healthy choice the easy choice for your employees

The success of any wellness program depends on your creating a culture that wants wellness.

It takes more than good intentions, but it WILL benefit your bottom line.

Join us for this event and learn how to make employees care about your wellness program.