The 10 most important skills for new managers

The 10 most important skills for new managers

Wednesday, Jan. 30, 2013
2 p.m. to 3:15 p.m. Central
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A new manager must learn the ropes quickly – and do it in little time.

Learn the 10 most important skills and become a smart manager today.

In this live webinar, you’ll learn 10 skills that smart managers consider the most important –
the 10 must-have skills that will jump-start your career with amazing success.

Learn these 10 must-have skills for managers right now:

Skill #1: How to establish your authority – immediately. New managers often face difficulties when asked to manage former colleagues. Learn specific skills that will help you walk this difficult line. We’ll also show you how to establish your authority if you’re new to the company.

Skill #2: How to establish a management strategy. Learn the questions you must ask before you commit to a management philosophy. The worst thing you can do is have a “shoot-from-the-hip strategy”. Why? Because it causes confusion and makes you appear unorganized and unknowledgeable. Find out which management philosophy works best for you.

Skill #3: How to get rid of self-doubt. Learn the ONE action you can take immediately – and eliminate all self-doubt.

Skill #4: How to gain power by giving it away. Gain the immediate support of your department by learning this necessary skill that the best and smartest managers use all the time. In fact, you’ll become a great leader when you master this one skill.

Skill #5: How to hire the absolute best employees. Eventually, if not already, you’ll be called upon to hire others to join your team. Do you know the one mistake that rookie managers make – even seasoned professionals? You’ll get specific hiring techniques – and questions you must ask – to weed out the best from the rest.

Skill #6: How to create a successful team. Learn the 5 stages in every team’s development, and use these stages as a way to understand the workings of a successful team. Also, learn how to create, monitor, and evaluate a successful team.

Skill #7: How to evaluate employee performance. Did you know that even seasoned managers fear the evaluation process? When you learn how to evaluate your employees – with complete honesty – you’ll become a top-notch, respected, and successful manager.

Skill #8: How to set goals and expectations. Did you know that the best goals answer only 3 questions? You can learn them now – and use them immediately. That’s right, you’ll get front-line advice on how to set your goals and expectations – from Carol Hacker, your webinar leader, a successful HR expert who gets the most from employees using this performance evaluation process.

Skill #9: How to get employees to do what YOU want. It’s necessary and essential that you monitor your employees on a regular basis … which means you must be prepared to give critical feedback. This is the key to getting employees to do what you want. Learn the 11 steps you must take when giving honest and critical feedback.

Skill #10: How to communicate so employees listen to you. The worst thing that can ever happen is that employees stop listening to you. Never let this happen. Discover immediately the 11 things you must do when talking to your employees – and be sure they’re listening!

This live webinar, in just 75 minutes, will jump-start your career –

Here’s more of what you will learn:

  •  6 ways of establishing your authority – immediately.
  •  The #1 mistake that ALL managers make when hiring people.
  •  Where managers go wrong and spend too much time.
  •  8 ways to prepare yourself – before you give the employee evaluation.
  •  The word you must always use when you write your goal statements.
  •  10 steps to take when giving employee evaluations.
  •  11 tips for giving honest and critical feedback.
  •  The #1 reason for gossip in your department – and how to STOP it immediately!

If you’re a new manager – or an executive who would like to see your rookie managers succeed –consider taking advantage of this live webinar – and gather your managers, supervisors, team leaders and executives for a content-rich presentation.

For the low cost of one participant, you can have ALL of your managers attend!

In just 75 minutes, you’ll get expert advice from Carol Hacker –
a trusted management guru who designs smart management philosophies

Ms. Hacker has spent years on the front-lines as an HR executive – and has been called upon by corporations to come in and revive its management teams with her expertise.

She’ll give you the same information that other companies pay THOUSANDS of dollars for – and you’ll also get specifically designed notes to use as a cheat sheets on each of these 10 must-have skills for new managers.

In this live webinar, you’ll also learn how to:

  •  Set meaningful goals – and the actions you must take to achieve them.
  •  Hire the right people – and look for the one trait that makes for great employees!
  •  What NOT to say when interviewing potential employees.
  •  Manage the socialization of new employees.
  •  Make decisions that get results.
  •  Manage conflict with confidence, credibility, and tact.
  •  Be fair – without playing favorites – and keep the spirit of your team intact.
  •  Reward outstanding individual performance, even on a tight budget.
  •  Take control of your time to increase productivity and profits.
  •  Expect the best from your employees – by taking these 3 actions.

Gather your managers, supervisors, team leaders, and executives …

And join us for a content-rich presentation …

A live webinar presentation guaranteed to make you a better manager!