Social Media for Nonprofits Summit

Social Media for Nonprofits Summit

Sept. 9-10, 2013
St. Louis, MO
Price: $695
  • Create a uniform brand across social media channels
  • Prepare for and manage an online crisis
  • Measure the value of your social media initiatives
  • How to use social media for nonprofit fundraising

Presented by Ragan Communications: An event hosted by Mercy

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  • Keynotes with:
    Laura HoweLaura Howe, Vice President, Public Relations, American Red Cross
    Scott LinabargerScott Linabarger, Senior Director, Multichannel Content Marketing, Cleveland Clinic
    Breakout sessions with:
    Sandra Fathi Affect  
    Sandra Fathi
    How to prove the value of your social media efforts
    Krisleigh Hoermann American Heart Association 
    Krisleigh Hoermann
    How to integrate your social media strategy across your organization
    Jen Reeves AARP
    Jen Lee Reeves
    From follower to trendsetter: Digital platforms and trends to maximize your social media strategy
    Grace Rodney The Children's Medical Center of Dayton
    Grace Rodney
    Top social tools for raising money and awareness
    Jim Ylisela Jr. Duff Media Partners Inc.
    Jim Ylisela Jr.
    How to conceive, create and launch your brand journalism site
    David Neff Lights. Camera. Help
    David J. Neff
    Top social tools for raising money and awareness
    Kevin Dando PBS
    Kevin Dando
    30 ideas in 30 minutes
    Laura Perry UCLA School of Nursing
    Laura Perry
    30 ideas in 30 minutes
    Nicholas Ledner UNICEF
    Nicholas Ledner
    From follower to trendsetter: Digital platforms and trends to maximize your social media strategy
    Matt Wood University of Chicago Medicine
    Matt Wood
    30 ideas in 30 minutes


Monday, Sept. 9

Don't miss out! Attend these in-depth workshops before the main conference. (Extra fee to attend.)

9 a.m.-noon
Video workshop for nonprofit communicators
Drew KellerVideo powerfully spotlights your organization's effect on your community. It also highlights your needs. Want to share your story, market your cause, raise awareness, or increase donations? Video ensures your message gets heard by a caring, involved audience. But how do you start when your resources are limited? What time and equipment is required?


Drew Keller walks you through the nuts and bolts of creating engaging video stories in just three hours. You will discover best practices in production, distribution and audience engagement. Drew will school you in the unique tactics required to create irresistible video stories for non-profits.


You'll learn:

  • How to create a message that resonates with your audience
  • How to match the tone and feel of your video to your audience's expectations
  • Why you must know the goal of your message before you start shooting
  • How to get the most and best from those who donate video services
  • What to consider when you choose your on-camera talent
  • Script basics and when to skip the script
  • The production survival guide: Camera height, framing and environment
  • Move beyond white walls: Make your video's environment push your message
  • How to shoot an interview (it's not as straightforward as you think)
  • The best way to shoot when using existing lighting
  • Why sound is so important and how you can make yours better
  • Build fundraising with a Google Checkout “Donate” button on YouTube
  • Improve campaign engagement by using call-to-action overlays on your online videos
Drew Keller is the owner of StoryGuide.

1:30 p.m.-4:30 p.m.
Crisis communications workshop:
Strategies that prevent and manage digital crises

Ann Andrews MorrisA recent survey of over 800 organizations revealed the vast majority of them—79%— believe their company will face a crisis online next year. Despite this belief, most practitioners are unprepared to manage a crisis created by the 24/7 news cycle.

You are the social media leader for your organization. You must prepare for a crisis before it strikes. You must know how to manage a crisis. It‘s vital to your organization's survival!

In this interactive workshop, you'll learn how to:

  • Write an employee and organizational social media policy
  • Integrate social media with all your communications channels and messages
  • Develop and test a social media crisis plan
  • Create and manage your digital communications team
  • Track and analyze social media mentions, including impressions, reach, website traffic and traditional mentions
  • Monitor social media for harmful messages so you can respond quickly
  • Use Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and blogs to manage the crisis and perhaps save your brand with a powerful counter-offensive
  • Rebuild confidence among important stakeholders following a crisis
Ann Andrews Morris, Principal, AndMore Communications.