Employee Communications 3.0: Welcome to the revolution

Employee Communications 3.0: Welcome to the revolution

February 6, 2013 • 1:30 p.m.-4:30 p.m.
The Yacht Club (Walt Disney World)
Lake Buena Vista, Fla.
Price: $395
Member Price: $345
  • Turn your intranet into your most powerful employee engagement tool
  • Develop different writing styles for blogs, podcasts, print and online
  • Persuade reluctant execs to embrace the power of social media
  • Integrate your print publication with your online content

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    Steve Crescenzo Holtz Communication + Technology
    Steve Crescenzo


New media, Web 2.0 (and 3.0!), changing demographics, shifting corporate cultures, global communication challenges, information overload, the constant need for change ... all of these things are driving a massive shift in how organizations must communicate to their most important audience: employees. Employees are your customers. They are your communities. They are your ambassadors. They are your shareholders. And with the popularity of social media, they are also the media.

That's why it's absolutely critical that companies today use all the communication tools in order to reach, engage, entertain, educate and motivate internal audiences.

In this fun session, leading employee communications expert Steve Crescenzo will share dozens of practical case studies from companies that use both new and traditional media in creative, effective ways to make a difference inside their organizations.

You'll learn how to:

  • Incorporate the new tools—social media, multimedia, etc.—into traditional tools without overloading employees with information
  • Start using multimedia tools, such as podcasts and video, right now—without blowing your budget
  • Do a podcast—soup to nuts (we'll actually create a podcast in the class, from start to finish)
  • Use a simple pocket camera to capture stories that make sense for video—and how to edit the video footage you get
  • Revamp your print publications, turn them into potent communication vehicles, and integrate them with your online publications so that your channels work together—and don't compete
  • Master the five things you must do to turn your intranet into a powerful tool that drives employee engagement
  • Shift gears and change your writing style when you move among blogs, traditional stories, podcasts, print writing and writing for the intranet
  • Coach your leaders to understand that social media tools are more than just new channels: They're a whole new way to communicate to workers
  • Take the "corporate" out of corporate communications and replace it with "creative"—so that employees sit up and notice what you do
  • Cut through the information clutter that cripples so many organizations: Ensure that your most important messages get through
  • Make sure that the right message, in the right form, goes in the right channel
Steve Crescenzo, the CEO of Crescenzo Communications, is a highly sought-after consultant, writer and seminar leader. One of the nation's leading experts in employee communications, he has helped thousands of communicators improve their print and electronic communication. Steve was voted the No. 1 seminar leader for the IABC Global Conference for three years in a row (2008, 2009 and 2010), and has spoken in IABCs "All Star Track" for the past five years.

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