Best Practices in Video for Internal Communicators

Best Practices in Video for Internal Communicators

Con Edison Headquarters
New York, New York
December 6-7, 2012
Price: $1195
Member Price: $945
  • Produce great video with tight budgets and limited resources
  • Use employees in your video to build culture and enhance your message
  • Master the basic editing techniques to save you time and money
  • Overcome your distribution challenges and successfully bring video to your employees

Presented by Ragan Communications, hosted by Con Edison

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  • Practical and insightful keynotes with:
    Rocky Walls 12 Stars Media 
    Rocky Walls

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    Justin Fong Teach for America
    Justin Fong
    VP of Internal Communications

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    Sessions with:
    Drew Keller StoryGuide 
    Drew Keller

    Play video    Play video

    Jonathan Mast Black & Veatch
    Jonathan Mast

    Play video

    Paolo Tosolini RUN Studios
    Paolo Tosolini

    Play video

    Ann Cameron Con Edison
    Ann Cameron

    Play video

    Karen Lee SAS
    Karen Lee
    Karen Lee SAS
    Lisa Arney

    Play video

    Fabian Gordon Ignite Technologies, Inc.
    Fabian Gordon
    Gregg Moss Bank of America
    Gregg Moss
    Michael Kada QuantumVerse
    (Formerly of Microsoft)

    Michael Kada

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    John Schoonover Microsoft Production Studios
    John Schoonover

Video communication is never further away than your pocket.

Your employees crave video in your organization; how well do you deliver it to them?

If you want practical tips to create video and solid examples of how to do it right—no matter how small your team or your budget—then you MUST attend this conference.

In just two days, you'll learn how to:

  • Execute the single most important thing every video producer must do before recording
  • Get a great interview—it is the heart and spine of your corporate video story
  • Understand the difference between A-Roll and B-Roll—and the importance of each to your video production
  • Spend your limited resources—what you must have and what can wait
  • Develop a video department from beginner to advanced—make the case for a bigger budget and get the most from your money
  • Quickly edit video on a tablet or PC
  • Create powerful photo montages from photos on your smartphone or tablet
  • Surprise your team when you use "Augmented Reality"
  • Use employees in your video to enhance your message
  • Identify the best employees to use on camera—and how to coach them through the shot
  • Develop a sense of ownership of communications among employees
  • Boil down a complex topic to something anyone can understand in one minute flat
  • Convey the emotion and conviction of your senior leaders through video in a way a printed quote could never do
  • Decide what analytics to measure and what to avoid—and why
  • Learn through five case studies of companies that do video the right way—and can prove it
  • Move beyond iMovie when it comes to editing
  • Repeat the three simple steps it takes to meet 90 percent of your editing needs
  • Determine the best software—get an overview with pros and cons of different platforms
  • Understand how much computer is enough
  • Shake up your video content: different methods of storytelling you can use
  • Create change through video: using the stage to push company culture
  • Take it to the next level: enabling a video revolution in your organization

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