Google Virtual Master Class

Google Virtual Master Class

Wednesday, Nov. 15, 2017
Noon-2:15 p.m. Central
Price: $345
Member Price: $245

Today's hyperconnected world is driven by advances in mobile technology. Where does that leave communicators? You have to stay ahead of the game and the competition—but how?

Uncover the power of Google Analytics and master best practices in modern search engine optimization (SEO) in this one-of-a-kind virtual master class.

You'll learn:

  • How Google's current organic ranking algorithm works
  • How to write content for people and structure it for search engines
  • How to use Google Analytics data to produce content that drives mobile and desktop traffic
  • How to establish effective goals, metrics and targets for your campaigns
  • And much more

Product Code: Y17WC12
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Noon-1:10 p.m.
What to know about Google SEO and search marketing In 2017
Adam DinceEvery year Google handles more than 2 trillion searches. Some people are looking to purchase a product or sign up for a service. Others are searching for information to answer a question or solve a problem. Businesses that are easy to find and relevant in search results will drive traffic to their websites and convert that traffic into leads and sales.

In "What to know about Google SEO and search engine marketing in 2017," Adam Dince will share highly actionable tips to help you earn your spot on Google's search results pages.

Key highlights:

  • How Google's current organic ranking algorithm works
  • How to write content for people and structure it for search engines
  • How to organize your website pages to make both people and search engines happy
  • How to convince Google to trust your website's content
  • How to improve your local geographic rankings (for bricks-and-mortar shops and local service area organizations)
Adam Dince is director of digital marketing at Arrowhead Holdings.

1:15 p.m.-2:15 p.m.
10 best ways to track social media success with Google Analytics
Martin ShervingtonEveryone trying to generate traffic from online activities knows the challenge of measuring success. Google Analytics offers many great tools for tracking your efforts to determine where your results are coming from and where you should be paying more attention, regardless of social platform.

In this session we'll cover how to set up a tracking strategy that will transform how you think about your online activity.

Key highlights:

  • Set useful outcomes for all your online activities, including social media
  • Build a process for creating a robust sales funnel
  • Identify the channels generating the most traffic and decide which to invest more in
  • Create split tests to improve your scientific approach to marketing
Martin Shervington is an author and former Google for Small Business consultant.