Copyright Infringement Webinar

Copyright Infringement Webinar

Sept. 19, 2017
1-2:15 p.m. Central time
Price: $209
Member Price: $169

Guarding your organization’s blog, intranet and social media posts from copyright infringement

In today’s technologically enhanced era, employees are able to access copyright-protected music, images and text as a part of their daily work activities. Valuable information is easily shared with the touch of a button. How do you know if that amazing image you selected for your organization’s content is copyrighted? When do you need copyright permission and how do you go about securing it?

Awareness of the copyright implications and best practices in content reuse are important factors in making educated decisions about the use of copyright-protected materials.

Avoiding the legal pitfalls of copyright infringement can be tricky, but Michele Ayers from the Copyright Clearance Center is here to help you navigate the potential pitfalls.

In this session you’ll learn:

  • The basics of copyright law
  • What is and is not copyright-protected
  • Fair use—what it is and how it works
  • Social media and multimedia content and copyright
  • When copyright permission is needed
  • How to obtain permission
  • And much more
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Michele Ayers leads Copyright Clearance Center’s educational programs from development to delivery. Through Copyright Clearance Center’s courses, webinars and events, thousands have improved their understanding of copyright law and compliance best practices. Ayers is a speaker and educator on copyright law at organizations, publishers, academic institutions and events worldwide. Since joining Copyright Clearance Center in 1999, Ayers has developed a deep appreciation of the concerns and needs of content providers and users worldwide.