The 5-Step LEAN Communications System
A comprehensive manual

The 5-Step LEAN Communications System

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The 5-Step LEAN Communications System manual will help you work smarter, not harder, to achieve better results. You'll create value for your customers or employees, wealth for your organization and greater job satisfaction for yourself.

You'll learn how to:

  • Be more effective through practical, time-efficient and low-cost approaches
  • Ask yourself 5 questions before you respond to budget freezes
  • Stop wasting time searching for documents and sending e-mail
  • Use templates and tools to save time and ensure reliable outcomes
  • Ask open-ended questions to learn more about employees
  • Look for material you can re-use for speeches, ads, blogs and training material

Plus! You'll receive:

  • The LEAN Communicator's Scorecard to determine how LEAN you are
  • The LEAN Communicator's Change Leader Checklist
  • The LEAN Communicator's Guide to Waste
  • Headlines template for writing and editing
  • Sample meeting agenda template
  • The LEAN Communicator's grid for rating your staff members
  • And more!