Writing for the Web 2.0 audience (CD)

Writing for the Web 2.0 audience (CD)

Broadcast on August 18, 2009
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Featuring Michael Sebastian, Editor of PR Daily and the popular Ragan.com blog, PR Junkie
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About the webinar CD

Blogging changed it all—the way companies communicate, how employees and customers want information, and how fast they want it delivered. There is so much information attainable immediately that in order to stand out, your blog must be relevant and interactive. It is one thing to have your audience visit your blog but it is another to have them get involved through comments, uploads and feedback.

Today, companies that skillfully blog are engaging employees and gripping customers—and you can too! But before you jump in, or continue blogging, you'll want to check out this presenation.

You will learn how to:

  • Make your blog as good as—maybe even better than—the 10 best corporate blogs out there
  • Create irresistible content that blends a multitude of mediums, including video and audio
  • Write blog headlines for audiences with short attention spans
  • Adopt the fundamentals of writing a good blog, including how to identify—and avoid—blogging pitfalls
  • Convince management that your company needs to blog or should continue blogging
  • Develop a blog and gain a following—without increasing your workload (too much)

We understand that communicators everywhere are executing job duties that fall under three different job titles. That is why we created this 60-minute multimedia CD of immediately relevant tips and guidelines. When you complete this presentation you will be able to produce a blog that is attractive and stimulating while also appeasing management.