Powerful PR Writing Virtual Summit

Powerful PR Writing Virtual Summit

Friday, May 19, 2017
Noon-3:30 p.m. Central
Price: $445
Member Price: $345

This three-hour how-to webinar will detail how you can master today's most important communication skill.

Over three hours of virtual workshop training featuring writing experts Michael Smart (Michael SMARTPR), Erin Robinson-Lis (Ameriprise Financial), John Walls (Hilton Worldwide), Ken O'Quinn (Writing with Clarity) and Beth Nylund (StoryStudio Words for Work).

Top 6 reasons to attend this virtual summit:

  • You'll receive all presentations and handouts.
  • You'll receive a certificate of completion.
  • You'll get access to an on-demand recording of the entire event for six months.
  • You'll hear and interact with the nation's leading infographics experts.
  • You're guaranteed hands-on, how-to instruction and techniques you can use immediately.
  • You'll attend this immersive summit without leaving work or your desk!
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PR University PR Daily PRSA: Public Relations Society of America
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Do you want to power up your career and your copy? Would you like to take control of—and reinvent—your organization's communications? Would you like to breathe new life into your words?

Join this three-hour session to learn proven writing principles for crafting copy that captivates, convinces and sells like hell—regardless of format or channel. Our world-class PR writing instructors will arm you with the latest writing techniques to make your pitches, press releases, white papers, speeches, blogs or even social media posts irresistible—and far more effective. You'll also learn how rivet readers with more creative writing, including how to use wordplay and metaphors in your copy.

Noon-1 p.m.
Session 1: Essential skills
Powerful principles to craft credible, compelling, clear copy

Michael SmartThis is where it all starts. Join us to learn proven techniques for making your copy and materials more dramatic, shareable and persuasive, as well as easier to read. This practical session will arm you and your team with methods for elevating every piece of content you create. You'll also hear inspiring ideas to help you think differently about your writing so it grabs attention every time—regardless of medium.

In this session, you'll learn:

  • A tool for mapping your writing strategy so you can engage your audiences and your bosses
  • How to create copy that persuades: words, phrases and techniques to give your writing instant credibility
  • The role of imagery and metaphors in PR writing
  • Easy ways to cut word count and write more concisely
  • How to use the indomitable power of active voice
  • Tips for applying these principles to social media
  • And more ...
Michael Smart is principal of MichaelSMARTPR and a former news director at Brigham Young University.

1:15-2:15 p.m.
Session 2: Real world applications
Practical ways to make pitches, posts and even internal documents more captivating
Erin Robinson-LisJohn WallsKen O'QuinnYou've now learned the rules of strong PR writing. You know you must write with clarity. you must write for your audience, and you must write with a message in mind. All that's just half the battle. Next, you must apply these principles in ways that drive clicks, traffic and ROI. Join this session to learn how it's done from two top internal and external communications execs and a leading writing insructor. They'll show you how to craft releases, pitches, speeches, social media posts and internal communiqués that achieve measurable results.

In this session, you'll learn:

  • 10 tips to be a better, more creative business writer
  • Voice and style: How to hone your personal brand as a communicator and writer
  • Easy ways to pen pitches and releases that win coverage
  • How to apply these techniques to daily communications from notes to emails and even status reports
  • Quick writing tricks to punch up social media posts, corporate newsletters and even internal publications
  • The secret of writing calls to action that drive ROI
  • How to "measure the message" and show value
  • And more ...
Erin Robinson-Lis is vice president of internal communications at Ameriprise Financial.

John Walls is director of brand PR, luxury and lifestyle brands at Hilton Worldwide.

Ken O'Quinn is the founder of Writing with Clarity.

2:30-3:30 p.m.
Session 3: Creative PR writing
Transform bland, boring copy into brilliant campaigns
Beth Nyland
Separate your writing from the pack. In this session, you'll learn to unlock your creative spirit while remaining true to your corporate philosophy, culture and style guide. Not only will you discover creative approaches to traditional corporate messaging, but you'll also master analogies and metaphors, write "words of wonder," and tell a story with every email, report or presentation you compose. If you want to set your content apart, this is your gateway to more original, creative, engaging copy.

In this session, you'll learn:

  • Brainstorming techniques to jump-start your creativity
  • How to turn off your internal editor and write freely
  • Why you're probably writing your messages inside out or upside down
  • The magic of wordplay: How metaphor, analogy, alliteration and other literary devices can transform all your business messages—ranging from annual reports to team memos
  • How to experiment with images, questions and openings
  • How to erase jargon and corporate gobbledygook from your writing
  • How to find the courage to share seemingly crazy messages with seemingly stubborn approvers
  • And more ...
Beth Nyland is a corporate poet. Her creative communications agency is Spencer Grace, and she is lead instructor for StoryStudio Words for Work.

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