Big 5 Social Media Boot Camp

Big 5 Social Media Boot Camp

May 4: New York City
Price: $895
Member Price: $745
  • Beat network algorithms to vastly expand the organic reach of your messages
  • Get your customers and vital stakeholders to engage with you rather than just consume your content
  • Exceed expectations with the 1:1 engagement that social media is supposed to be about
  • Tap into the power of live video-streaming on Twitter Periscope, Facebook Live and YouTube Live Mobile Video

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    Shel HoltzShel Holtz, principal of Holtz Communication + Technology, is a thought leader in organizational communications. He is sought after for his ideas on new communication technologies for internal and external audiences.

Your customers, employees and other vital audiences communicate on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Snapchat, and other social networks.

It's also where they increasingly get their news, research shows. It's where they figure out what to buy, where to work and whom to trust.

Ignoring social networks is not an option. Nor is a non-strategic attitude to your company's presence there.

Digital expert Shel Holtz will bring you up to speed on the latest features from the top social networks. He'll introduce you to strategies and tactics that will differentiate your online communication from the rest.

You'll take back to the office more ideas than you can imagine from this jam-packed one-day workshop!

You'll deliver results that go beyond likes and shares, results that contribute to your company's biggest business goals:

  • Get familiar with channel management, the method the smartest companies use that avoids the "too many networks" syndrome
  • Learn how to build thought leadership on LinkedIn Publishing
  • Learn how to make your Facebook Business Page a destination rather than the inert content repository it is for most brands
  • Build your company's reputation in LinkedIn Groups
  • Know when images work better than text and when video works better than images
  • How to optimize your videos for each network
  • Find out how the best CEOs maintain a business identity on Facebook (and how they stay engaged on other networks)
  • Learn how to use Snapchat without spending millions or suffering from few analytics
  • Why multiple Facebook Pages may be the best solution for your company
  • Why they shouldn't just be different pages for different products and services
  • Learn how to use live video streaming to convey authenticity and credibility
  • Find out how public social networks can elevate your employee communications
  • Build networks of influencers on the social networks where your company has a profile
  • Why your events should automatically appear on a social network
  • And so much more!

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