The Role of Communications in Creating Best Places to Work

The Role of Communications in Creating Best Places to Work

Nov. 9-11, 2016
San Francisco
Price: $1295
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Pre-conference workshops: Nov. 9
Main conference: Nov. 10-11

  • Find out what it REALLY takes to be a best place to work
  • Create videos that inspire and motivate practical employee action
  • How to measure communications and prove its value to senior leaders
  • Articulate, breathe and live your culture: Empower employees like never before

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    Jody Kohner Salesforce
    Jody Kohner, vice president and head of the employee, marketing & engagement team
    Use culture and technology to engage employees
    Michael Bush Great Place To Work®
    Michael C. Bush, CEO
    A Great Place to Work® For All
    Joie Healy CISCO
    Joie Healy, social media lead
    Is your company really ready for a huge culture-shift? How to prepare the way
    Rosalyn Menon Kennedy GOOGLE
    Rosalyn Menon Kennedy, executive communications lead
    Think like a television producer: Turn internal meetings into great, unifying events
    Becky Graebe SAS
    Becky Graebe, senior manager of internal communications

    How to make the social enterprise case to your C-suite
    Jennifer Johnston Salesforce
    Jennifer Johnston, senior director, global employer branding
    How to attract the right talent AND build loyalty to your employer brand
    Theresa Ludvigson Salesforce
    Theresa Ludvigson, global head, new-hire experience
    Reimagine your company's onboarding
    Erin Mason Kimley-Horn & Associates
    Erin Henderson, internal communications specialist
    Sell your organizational culture hard with re-vamped internal communications
    Cindy Crescenzo, president
    Take the mystery out of measurement: How to do a communications audit from A-Z
    Steve Crescenzo, CEO
    When worlds collide: Tap internal audiences to tell your best stories to the world
    Michael Waterman CHG HEALTHCARE
    Michael Waterman, senior director communications
    Empower your rock stars: The transformative power of culture to drive business
    Joshua Mitchell REGENERON
    Joshua Mitchell, associate director, culture and communications
    Capture hearts and minds: Find an employee value proposition that brands and communicates your culture—why millennials will love it!
    Sarah Coakley HYLAND, creator of OnBase
    Sarah Coakley, director employee experience
    The amazing power of feedback: How to get it, what to do with It to transform your organization
    Kathleen Vegh HYLAND, creator of OnBase
    Kathleen Vegh, manager, employee engagement
    The amazing power of feedback: How to get it, what to do with it to transform your organization
    Catherine Blades Aflac
    Catherine Blades, senior vice president, corporate communications
    What do your employees really want? Ensure you solve for the right variable!
    Jessica Arnold Deloitte Global
    Jessica Arnold, HR communications manager
    Mini team, major impact: Make the most of a small comms team
    Suzanne Robinson Crowe Horwath
    Suzanne Robinson, director, communications
    Shift your executive communications from monologue to dialogue
    Tracy Laurie Perkins Coie LLP
    Tracy Laurie, director, staff training and development
    Build across generations: Craft engagement in a multi-generational workplace
    Michelle Lutz Genentech/Roche
    Michelle Lutz, change leader
    How to create a two-way dialogue with employees in times of big changes
    Drew Keller StoryGuide
    Drew Keller, TV producer and faculty member
    How to create a video production process that optimizes your time and resources
    Jill Unikel Salesforce
    Jill Unikel, senior director, employee marketing & engagement
    Build a robust employee community

Want to re-create your organization as a top workplace?

Communications is critical, central to it all.

The information you shape and disseminate will make the difference between success and failure. It's that important.

Attend this conference to learn how to inspire employee collaboration, spur innovation as a natural by-product, and recruit top-notch talent.

If you work in internal communications or HR this is must-attend! Join us for two days. You'll hear mind-changing messages from Salesforce, Google, Cisco, Kimley Horn, SAS, AFLAC, Regeneron and many more.

Learn from practitioners who will share valuable, tactics and tips that can put you on the coveted Great Place to Work list!

You will leave our conference inspired, ready to lead new strategies of empowerment and culture-building immediately!

You'll learn how to:

  • Leverage employee feedback to increase loyalty and retention
  • Build a sustainable recognition program that inspires employees to surpass goals
  • Make a strong business case for a social intranet that sparks internal innovation
  • Think more like an marketer, less like an HR pro to create a strong employee value proposition to lure talented millennials
  • Use Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram to transmit your brand's unique culture
  • Create an on-boarding program to immerse new hires in your culture on Day 1
  • Amaze new hires, employees and customers with your new employment brand
  • Interview executives, (which, done properly, makes you their business partner) to gain support for your revolutionary employee comms plan
  • Build a busy online community using best practices that jump-start activity
  • Make your leaders more human & authentic with these executive comms tactics
  • Put your TV producer cap on: Create far better internal meetings for employees
  • Use your culture to help employees connect strategy to the jobs they do
  • Communicate powerfully with your multi-generational workforce
  • ... and so much more!
Every year, this conference rates as one of the Ragan's top events! Read what past attendees had to say:

"I was excited to come away with many ideas for things I can do at my company right away. I felt energized to come back to work and implement some of the things that I learned. I also enjoyed talking with other communications professionals and learning that they share some of the same challenges as my team."

"It was a wealth of information. I've got 12 pages of notes and multiple presentations to work through...not bad!"

"I enjoyed the variety of topics and content from the speakers. It's nice to see what colleagues are doing and that employee engagement isn't a unique industry challenge."

"People were so friendly, and I was able to make a lot of good connections."

"Loved the range of industries and experience that were represented at the conference. I learned something valuable in every session."

"Speakers offered concrete suggestions, interesting stories, and helpful data."

"Lots of good content and great people in the room to network with."

"I really liked the intimate setting. It allowed participants to network and discuss challenges facing their organization."

"I enjoyed learning practical tips and ideas from the speakers that I can take back to my company and implement ASAP. The networking opportunities were also great!"

Who should attend?
If you work in ...

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checkmark Internal Communications
checkmark Human Resources
checkmark Employee Communications
checkmark Brand Communications
checkmark Employee Engagement
checkmark Organizational Development
checkmark Social Media
checkmark Global Communications
checkmark Change Management
checkmark Corporate and Brand Identity
checkmark Talent Acquisition
checkmark Intranet Communications
checkmark Digital Communications
checkmark Employee Relations

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