2nd Annual Social Media for PR and Corporate Communications Conference at Disney World

2nd Annual Social Media for PR and Corporate Communications Conference at Disney World

April 2-4, 2014
The Yacht Club (Disney World)
Lake Buena Vista, FL
Standard Price: $1295
Price: $1045
  • Work with IT to green-light your enterprise social network
  • Tie a social strategy to your communications plan and business goals
  • Get the most bang for your multimedia buck with video and audio
  • Avoid copyright infringement claims on social media

Featuring a networking cocktail party sponsored by Disney Parks

Presented by Ragan Communications and Public Relations Society of America

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  • Speakers include:
    Adam SingerGOOGLE 
    Adam Singer
    Social that adds up: Performance and measurement
    Justin Fong
    Create an enterprise social network: How to make the impossible possible
    Lisa ArneySAS
    Lisa Arney
    The super water cooler: Create an intranet that spans the globe, connects staff and breeds innovation
    Carolyn Shelby
    SEO: A guide to crafting content that people can't help but promote
    Victor Reiss FEDEX
    Victor Reiss
    The corporate symphony: Taking center stage
    Michael Schmidt Arnold Palmer Medical Center
    Michael Schmidt
    Creating powerful marketing videos that share your organization's story
    Natanya Anderson WHOLE FOODS
    Natanya Anderson
    Social media engagement: Tried and true tactics
    Allison Fitzpatrick DAVIS & GILBERT
    Allison Fitzpatrick
    How to manage the legal and PR risks in social media
    Lee Gordon Mercury Marine
    Lee Gordon
    How newsrooms use social media to report and break news—and how that helps you as a PR pro
    Steve Crescenzo
    "Safe" social media: How to put Web 2.0 tools to use in your organization without scaring executives or damaging your brand
    Jon Bird
    Social rebranding: The #newAmerican is arriving
    Peter Balistrieri NORTHWESTERN MUTUAL
    Peter Balistrieri
    Social media for social impact: How to get engagement around a cause
    Rocky Walls 12 Stars Media
    Rocky Walls
    Overcoming the four obstacles to create an effective brand journalism video program
    Robyn Itule Insight Enterprises
    Robyn Itule
    Real-world strategies to work with your legal department—while still allowing social media to thrive at your organization
    Carrie Parker American Express
    Carrie Parker
    Creating shareable content: Lessons from American Express OPEN Forum

"If you can dream it, you can do it."—Walt Disney

What seemed impossible—instant, direct communication with your customers and employees—social media has made a reality. Whether you're just starting social media or realizing your wildest online dreams, this conference is for you!

Held on the magical, inspiring grounds of Disney World in Florida, our conference will send you away with the greatest new ideas and best practices in social media. We pack the most content into the shortest amount of time to give you fabulous value for your training budget.

You'll hear from practitioners at companies big and small—Whole Foods, Google, The Coca-Cola Company, Teach for America, Team180—and you'll learn how to:

checkmark Tie your social media strategy to your communications plan, and then to your business objectives, so execs see the value of social media
checkmark Use activity streams to inform and sway hard-to-reach front-line workers
checkmark Be an asset to reporters, not an annoyance, by adding value to their coverage
checkmark Create sharable content: Get customers to tell important stories about you and feel good about it (no contests or gift-card bribery required)
checkmark Use social media to reposition yourself—even if you're a major brand
checkmark Create informative and emotionally engaging videos
checkmark Think beyond engagement to community: Create a network of strong, permanent, easy community participation
checkmark Avoid copyright infringement claims on social media
checkmark Run sweepstakes, contests promotions on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest
checkmark Do better marketing with Google Analytics social reports
checkmark Exploit images as part of a broader content marketing strategy
checkmark Use public and private groups to connect people across teams and foster collaboration

You'll also hear four dynamite keynotes with:

? Thomas Smith, Social Media Director at Disney Parks
Carlos Dominguez Carlos Dominguez, "Tech Nowist" at Cisco
Andrew Davis Andrew Davis, bleeding-edge marketing futurist and renowned book author
Jay Moye Jay Moye, Senior Writer and Editor for Coca-Cola Journey, The Coca-Cola Company's global digital magazine

We doubt you need much nudging, but we've included the very pleasant raves (absolutely un-airbrushed and authentic) about the 2013 event below:

"This was the best conference I've ever attended. Please do the exact same thing again!"

"AMAZING conference! I can't wait to attend again next year so I can soak up more information from all of the great speakers!"

"Wonderful location, great companies represented. Mix Ragan and Disney and it's the key to success."

"I was blown away with the quality of the conference and the information that I brought back. I have 35 pages of handwritten notes to share with my team. It was nice that it was more than just social media. Excellent conference and I hope I can go again."

"Loved it!!! Want to come back next year . . . and every year for that matter. Excellent presenters, food and location."

"This was one of the best Ragan events I've attended. Nice job."

". . . learning more about social media and communications while being at Disney was the perfect combination! I took away so much valuable information (and a bunch of pictures and souvenirs)!"

"I've been to a lot of conferences, but this blew them all away. While I'm sure you'll be hard pressed to top the Disney experience, I urge you to TRY—if you have this at WDW again, I'll be there and bring as many colleagues as I can!"

Presented by:  
PRSA: Public Relations Society of America