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Winners of Ragan Recognition Awards

Learn from the best

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By Bill Sweetland

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Looking for an instant shot in the arm for your employee magazine, newsletter, or intranet publication?

Download Learn from the best: Tips and strategies from the winners of the Ragan Recognition Awards and get the inside secrets to creating winning communication vehicles and writing compelling stories.

Do you know how to write the perfect employee-with-a-good-idea story?

  • Do you know what employees really want and need to read about their CEO?
  • Or what makes a great intranet publication such a powerful reader magnet?

With this report, you'll learn how to draw readers by inviting them to participate in the story, how to make the CEO column worthwhile, how to write for a Web audience—and more.

Get the best advice from the best employee publication contest out there:

  1. Why stories about basic changes in work routines and processes is so much more complicated than most editors think.
  2. How to explain to employees that the way they do their jobs helps or hurts the business. (The bigger the business, the more important this is!)
  3. The best way to explain again and again every group, department, or function at your company or agency to everybody else.

Plus, you'll learn:

  • How to write CEO profiles
  • What makes a cover line irresistible to readers
  • How to deliver bad news to workers
  • The characteristics of good online writing
  • How to make people actually read your table of contents page
  • How to use pictures to drive home important messages about your customers

And more!

Still not convinced? When you order the Learn from the best you'll come away knowing:

  1. How to improve your customer service by telling stories about actual customers and their encounters with your business or agency.
  2. How and why theme issues of your newsletter or magazine are a strong way to help your workers do a better job.
  3. How to make your publication a personal message from you the editor to your friends and acquaintances in the workforce.

And why you MUST talk to employees as equals in the down-to-earth, simple language of a friend.