Part I: Photojournalism & Part II: Design
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Part I: Photojournalism & Part II: Design

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The profession's leading proponent and teacher of visual literacy in employee publications, Phil Douglis, shows you how to publish pictures that communicate with today's visually literate employee audience. And Communication Goddess Mary Pretzer Walker takes you through every aspect of page design for heightened readability.

The value of two resources—for less than the price of one!

Over the last two decades, standards—and skills—in photojournalism and design for employee print publications have declined.

Print is back—bigger than ever. In an age of online clutter and endless meetings, print is the preferred medium of many communicators for their most important business messages to their employee audience.

But over the last two decades, standards—and skills—in photojournalism and design for employee print publications have declined. Now, in this one-stop, illustrated resource, two of the profession's leading teachers will take you step-by-step through the essential elements of effective photojournalism and design for today's employee audience.

In this unique, bi-authored resource, IABC Fellow Phil Douglis and Communication Goddess Mary Walker Pretzer review the foundations of photojournalism and design, and help you apply timeless wisdom to create a publication that looks right and communicates visually for today's audiences.

You'll learn how to:

  • Work with in-house photographers, freelancers and commercial photographers to get the visual images that are right for your publication.
  • Identify and correct the six biggest mistakes editors of employee publications make in selecting pictures
  • Use the right photography equipment in the fast-evolving digital age
  • Create visual images that make your publication come alive with bursts of authentic humanity
  • Create pages that are attractive, readable—and affordable
  • Understand page size, fonts, column widths, the grid approach, and much more
  • Create a publication that looks modern—without sacrificing readability

Download this manual now and discover best practices of successful visual communication—photojournalism and design—for modern publications, along with examples of the best work in the profession, put-to-work tips and expert advice to help you put out a modern visual publication for today's employee audience.