Part I: How to get employee communication on senior management's agenda
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Part I: How to get employee communication on senior management's agenda

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Do you have the support of senior executives for communication initiatives—yours, and theirs?

Employee communication veteran Professor Bruce Berger shows you how to get employee communication on the executive agenda. Then, Speechwriter's Newsletter Editor David Murray shows you how to create an ideal communication program—for those same executives.

That's two resources—yours for only $139!

Securing executive support for employee communication requires professionalism, research, strategic thinking—and guile.

But once you do, you can return the favor, and help your executives overcome the common barriers to executive communications to bring the organization's key messages persuasively to any interest group.

In this unique, bi-authored resource, veteran executive communication experts Bruce Berger and David Murray take you into the boardroom and show you how to come out a winner. Then they'll show you how to turn your executives into winning communicators.

You'll learn how to:

  • Anticipate and respond to the "10 killer questions" that might sabotage your employee communication plans
  • Gain management's support by structuring employee communication on a seven-part process model
  • Overcome political resistance with business-focused policy
  • Implement the four stages of an ideal executive communication program (and see why two out of four ain't bad)
  • Adapt Bank of America's Six Sigma methodology to your executive communication program
  • Work as a partner to senior management with clearly defined roles for each of you, on any executive communication initiative